What is IPRS?

A fully integrated enterprise security system provides near real time monitoring of persons who enter facilities that house radiological materials, transportation hubs and terrorist target locations. Such systems integrate and utilize information from many discreet security systems.

IPRS combines digital, or “IP-enabled” radiation monitoring systems with other IP security tools, such as video surveillance, access control, motion detection, and the enterprise security management software in an integrated solution, or “systems of systems” approach. By combining specialized tools it is possible to better manage response procedures or “CONOPS” in case of a radiological event.

OnSSI and Defentect AT ASIS 2009

Beyond better procedural response, IP Radiation Security tools can improve things such as forensic analysis, security policy, training and reporting.  IPRS enhances eporting capabilities so all parties can get the proper communication regarding radiological events.  IPRS video systems employ “push” technologies similar to those found in diverse IT management and reporting applications, so alert-based video displays are pushed to subscribers on an ‘as needed’ basis (even to hand-held devices). Video can save video of an incident in a court-admissible format for evidentiary purposes.

IP Radiation Security Associates is building an ever-growing database of technologies and service providers to help clients achieve their radiation security goals.

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